Do You Qualify For A Discount?

We have offered a quantity discount the last several years for customers who spend at least $500 per year in our store. When you spend $500 in a calendar year then for the rest of that year, and through the next, you receive an A level discount. $1000 or more gets a B level discount, which is comparable to a wholesale discount at other retail glass stores. We refer to these customers as our VIPís! Seniors, students currently enrolled in glass classes at LCC or River Road Parks, Eugene Glass School mem-bers and Oregon Glass Guild members with membership cards, all qualify for discounts. Be sure to let us know if you qualify for one of these dis-counts!

Glass In Stock

Bullseye - 90 coe

Spectrum - 96 coe

Uroboros - 90 coe & 96 coe





English Muffle


St. Just